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Caricatures Caricatures take approximately 3- 5 min a person on average in black and white, head and shoulders only.  Color drawings are available and add a few minutes to each picture.  This is an average and may take more or less for each individual and how well they can stay seated. This average does not guarantee that all of your guests will get done in your contracted time frame. There is a 1 hour minimum.  Caricature rates are hourly regardless of how many drawings have been completed. For maximum efficiency of the artist’s time, please organize your guests to promptly sit and promptly vacate the seat for the next drawing to start. Please discuss with the artist prior to start time ways to efficiently organize guests.  Caricature artist service time begins when the first drawing starts and ends when your contracted time is up.  If there are still guests who have not had their caricature drawn after the contracted time is over, you can purchase additional time as discussed previously with the artist. Caricatures are done on 11×14 sketch paper, and come with a complimentary clear plastic sleeve to protect it. Email Leah to request a quote for your event. qUOTE


100’s of  designs available, and can customize to your event’s theme.  Small cheek, large face and full body designs available, depending on complexity and size, can take 1-8 minutes per design for face designs, ½ hr at least for full body designs  We do not guarantee a certain # of paintings completed per hour but average up to 15 full face designs/hr.   Waterproofing (LiquiSet) to help prolong the face paint is available, as well as glitter, gemstones, glow in the dark, UV effective paint, all at no additional cost. Only FDA approved, non toxic, theatrical grade, water based paint is used.  Waterproof makeup available by request. Comes off easily with soap and water.  For safety and sanitary precautions, we do not paint children that are visibly sick and show signs (cold sores, etc).  Parents-please do not allow your child to try to get their face painted if they are sick.  We provide all supplies, including table, chairs and stands for our designs, mirrors, water, etc. If indoor space is an issue, we will gladly use your table and chairs. We do not paint children’s faces younger than 1 year old.  We are not responsible or liable for allergic reactions or medical issues resulting from face painting.  Parents and adults assume all responsibility when getting painted. One hour minimum.
Balloon Twisting Balloon Twister makes animals, hats, swords, flowers, bracelets, and many more fun designs!  Each design can take from 1-5 minutes to complete depending on complexity.  Balloon Artist will make one balloon for each person first, then make additional balloons as time allots.  No table or chairs are necessary for this service.  One hour minimum.
Airbrush Tattoos Tattoos come in small, medium and large designs.  Last up to 7 days with proper care.  Waterproof alcohol based ink used, removal with rubbing alcohol or baby oil.  Rates are hourly, one hour minimum. Appx 1-10 min depending on design size. Electric hook up necessary for this service.
Glitter Tattoos Available as add-on to any other booked service.
Quotes For a quick quote, call text or email with the following: date, time, location of event, estimated # of guests,  and requested services.  We will get back to you asap with availability and a cost estimate.  Pricing can vary due to a few factors so all of the information is necessary for an accurate quote.
Deposit & Payment Quotes are subject to change, to secure your quote, place a deposit.  A 30% deposit is required for events scheduled up to 2 weeks in advance.   An invoice/contract will be sent via email or mail at your preference.  We accept cash or check.  Credit cards are accepted but do incur an additional transaction fee.  Your deposit guarantees your date with us.  We encourage booking your event as soon as you have a date, as we book based on availability.  The balance of your bill is due on the date of service.  Balances delinquent past 1 month are subject to a 20% interest fee.
Refunds Deposits will be refunded up to 30 days in advance.  A cancellation with less than 30 days notice is no longer refundable but we will gladly use it towards a rescheduled date or service.
Travel Fee A travel fee applies for events: 25 miles or more- $25,  50 miles or more- $50.
Sales Tax We must charge 7% NJ sales tax for all transactions. Please submit tax exempt forms if eligible.
Insurance We are fully insured and can provide additional insured certificates upon request.

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